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More information on becoming a supplier

We’re one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consultancies – a family of more than 55,000 global changemakers, with over 7,000 here in the UK, transforming what’s possible to build a smarter, greener future for everyone. We know we can’t do this alone; it’s only possible by partnering with a diverse range of suppliers to achieve our clients’ objectives and create social value for the communities in which we work.

Supplier selection

When we consider selecting you as a supplier for goods or services, we ask the following:


Do you offer value for money - ensuring that WSP has the best pricing to remain competitive against our peers and competitors?


Can you help us improve our processes and give us a competitive edge?


Do you offer high quality (in terms of performance, user satisfaction, aesthetics, consistency, and efficiency)?


Can you contribute to our supply chain sustainability and social value goals?

We also consider any additional factors that can contribute to the successful delivery of goods and services.

Supplier onboarding

To become a supplier, you will need to complete our onboarding process. We currently use a bespoke online assessment portal. In 2024 we will transition this to a new ERP – Oracle. With all suppliers screened and set up for payment in our system, we can manage and pay invoices efficiently.

We only work with financially viable and ethically sound suppliers who meet our quality, delivery, risk, and financial expectations. So, as part of the onboarding process, you must agree to comply with the relevant policies. You will also be required to complete the supplier profile. This questionnaire includes details on health and safety, insurances, quality and more. Once it is submitted, we will carry out vetting checks on the information you have provided.

If you have any questions about onboarding, please contact UK-CentralBuyingTeam@wsp.com

Our onboarding process
Complete onboarding via the online assessment portal
Confirm you will comply with the relevant policies 
Submit the supplier questionnaire
Enjoy working with WSP in the UK

Supplier invoicing and payment

WSP is a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code. You can help us pay you efficiently by submitting invoices containing the right information to the right place in the right format. 

What information should I include? 

To ensure your invoices are paid promptly, please include:

  • Our entity name and address as shown on our purchase order
  • Our purchase order number in the format 2xxxxxxx (invoices without a PO number will be returned, unpaid)
  • Your bank account details to which our payment should be sent.

This is in addition to the elements you must include in your invoice by law (see invoicing and taking payment from customers at www.gov.uk).

What formats are acceptable? 

Because invoices/credits sent to this mailbox are automatically extracted from the email and not reviewed, invoices submitted by e-mail must be:

  • In PDF format
  • Individually attached (no more than one invoice per attachment)
  • Supporting documentation should be included within the invoice PDF, not attached separately.

If you have any questions in relation to invoices or payments please contact UK-CentralBuyingTeam@Wsp.com