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Our Environmental, Social and Governance standards (ESG) enable us to define and evidence the real, positive and sustainable difference we make to the world around us. We know that suppliers have an important part to play in helping us achieve our ESG goals, and that we have an important role in supporting suppliers who are making a difference.

Environment and sustainability

We apply a sustainable procurement lens to the way we source goods and services. This means purchasing and sourcing goods and services in a way that benefits not only us, but society as a whole, all while minimising the impact on the environment.

We aim to take a consistent approach to identifying the environmental, social, and economic impacts of good and services we procure, in accordance with ISO 20400. We also share the benefits of our experience with suppliers, helping them reduce their own impact.


50% of our suppliers will have science-based carbon reduction targets in place by 2030

30% reduction in Scope 3 emissions from goods and services procured by 2030

Eliminate single-use plastic from our supply chain within key categories of spend

Increase our third-party green spend on green products** to 30% by 2025

** Green products are products and consumables which have a lower environmental impact – defined through certifications and eco labels such as Fairtrade, Forestry Stewardship Council Scheme (FSC) and Blue Angel. Their recycled content and end-of-life disposal options are also factors. 

Social value 

Social value is about using every aspect of our business and operations to make a positive difference to the communities we work in. Having a diverse supply base helps us generate local social value by supporting employment, local economic spend and opportunities for participation in WSP’s local, regional and national business.

In 2021 we established a Supply Chain Social Value Charter, reflecting our Social Value Policy objectives and our commitment to delivering social value in partnership with our suppliers. This works both ways, and we continue to look for opportunities to use our resources and expertise to support suppliers delivering social value through activities such mentorship.


WSP aims to deliver £120 million of additional social value by 2024 through all aspects of our business, including procurement

Inclusion and diversity

We know that to create an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone can thrive, we must not only embed this approach in our own business but also develop and support a diverse supply chain.

Our diverse supply chain allows us to collaborate with and support the growth of diverse suppliers, following a roadmap that adheres to the goals set out in the Government’s Social Value Model. This roadmap consists of guidelines and policies, internal and external communications to raise awareness, creating additional business opportunities for diverse suppliers, a development programme to support suppliers and a means to track and measure our progress on Supplier Diversity.

We are active corporate members of MSDUK and WEConnect International. MSDUK helps global corporations to build diverse supply chains by connecting them with certified Ethnic Minority Businesses (EMBs) within the UK. WEConnect International is a global network that connects corporate buyers to women-owned businesses globally.


Support a minimum of twenty diverse suppliers through coaching and mentoring

75% of tenders above £50k will include a minimum of one diverse supplier and 50% of our large suppliers will have a Social Value or Sustainability Policy in place